CUT:FOLD:TUCK:PRESS – Non traditional Book Structures

CUT:FOLD:TUCK:PRESS – non traditional Book Structures


11.00am – 5.00pm

Standard Tickets £70 per person

Tutor: Mandy Brannan
Venue: Essex Print Studio

CUT:FOLD:TUCK:PRESS – non traditional Book Structures

Learn to make books structures that can present images : information : concepts : designs : 

This workshop will explore the making of creative book structures that can be adapted for current and future projects. There will be three projects to work on during the day which will concentrate on developing the attendees measuring, cutting, folding and making skills. 

This workshop is for enthusiastic image-makers of all levels from beginners to more experienced creatives.

A choice of plain and decorative papers will be available. You may want to personalise your books (covers, pages and content) so please bring papers that are printed with your own artwork. These should be 100 -125 gram papers, which are inkjet, laser printed or printed by etching or letterpress etc methods. Another option is to bring good quality wrapping papers that can be purchased at most paper suppliers. 

All orders are final and unfortunately we cannot issue any refunds, except in exceptional circumstances.

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

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