Mandala Making

Saturday 15th February 2020

1.00pm – 4.00pm

Standard Tickets £35 per person

Tutor: Hannah Geddes
Venue: Essex Print Studio

This 3 hour Mandala Making class will show you how to create your own Mandala, including the materials needed, getting started, techniques, terminology, three methods of creating the Mandala structure and the step by step method to draw centres, layers, outers and fillers.

The word Mandala can be translated to mean circle, centre or infinity and are used in a variety of religions and cultures across the world. Mandalas are and ancient art form made to create beautiful pieces of art as part of spiritual practices to aid with meditation, concentration and contemplation.

The class will be peaceful, calming and relaxing and each student will leave with a hand drawn Mandala. Once you learn the steps in class you will be able to experiment with new designs when drawing your Mandalas at home.

No previous experience or materials are needed as everything will be included in the class.

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