Advanced Solar Plate

Advanced Solar Plate

Saturday 6th July 2019

10.00am – 4.00pm

Standard Tickets £80 per person

Tutor: Dawn Cole
Venue: Essex Print Studio

This one day workshop is ideal for those who have completed our one day ‘Solar Plate Saturday’ workshop or who have previous experience of solar plate etching (also known as photopolymer etching).

Participants will be able to focus on developing their ideas using solar plate etching through experimentation, and with guidance and support from their tutor, Dawn. Ideas will be explored of different ways solar plates can be exposed and interesting images created, including using natural objects such as leaves; and by using various inking and wiping techniques.

Included in the cost is 3 solar plates sized 10.5x15cm, inks and paper but students are encouraged to bring along any materials they wish to experiment with such as specialist papers, objects or natural materials. Also, bring along any images you may wish to use to create your plates, at A5 size and printed in black onto clear acetate.

All ticket sales are final and we cannot offer any refunds except in exceptional circumstances.

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